A Tale of the Unattached and the Unlucky
Chapter Information
Release Date November 25, 2010
Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 5
Chapter Guide
Hot Springs
Let The Second Semester Begin

A Tale of the Unattached and the Unlucky is chapter 55 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter seven of volume five.


Outside the baths, after dragging Yukimura out, Kodaka told Yukimura the truth about her being a female. Seeing it as a joke, Yukimura failed to accept this fact, Kodaka then wished of Rika to lecture for Yukimura whilst calling her useless being not present. By then, Rika, who heard being insulted by him, appeared behind Kodaka and informed Rika about what's happened. Afterwards, Rika snuck her hand under Yukimura's skirt, as Yukimura let out feverish moans. As Rika removed her hand from Yukimura, she confirmed to Kodaka that Yukimura is indeed a girl, which Kodaka had been trying to tell Yukimura and asked Rika to explain it to her and Rika agreed.

Fifteen minutes had passed, Rika and Yukimura returned with Yukimura accepting the fact the she is female but is anguished by it. Kodaka then asked Yukimura for the reason why she hasn't realized herself as a female and Yukimura answered by saying it's due to family circumstances. Unsure of the real reason, Rika added that people once had pointed it out to Yukimura about her gender but only thought of it as a mere joke. Afterwards, Kodaka patted Rika's head as thanks for convincing Yukimura about her true gender, much to Rika's discomfort.

Yukimura then asked Kodaka if she is still his underling despite being female and Kodaka affirmed while patting Yukimura's head and Yukimura continued her service to Kodaka as she had in the past. Awhile later, Sena and Yozora appeared and Kodaka informed them both about recent events. As Sena found Yukimura to be cute, Yozora murmured to herself of being careless and exclaimed that Yukimura being a maid is unacceptable. Afterwards, Yozora's nose started to bleed as Yukimura immediately offered Yozora a tissue and again exclaimed of Yukimura being considerate as she then murmured to herself that none of what she plans go to the way she wanted them to.

Afterwards, Maria and Kobato returned from the woman's baths and after Kodaka got his clothes out the laundromat, the Neighbor's Club decided to head home. At the train, while all of his female club-mates are asleep, Kodaka was left awake until he began to experience drowsiness. As he was about to fall asleep, Yukimura leaned and held unto Kodaka's sleeve and uttered the word "Aniki" which left Kodaka awake for the whole ride.

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