After Party
Chapter Information
Release Date July 25, 2010
Chapter 10
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
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A Phone Call With Dad

After party is chapter 47 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai light novel series. It is chapter ten of volume four.


On an afternoon of the third day of break from their finals, the Neighbor's Club were in the club-room doing as they please. After Kodaka remarked about it, Rika suggested they celebrate with an after party from their finals. With Yozora's approval, the Neighbor's Club brought snacks and began with their after party.

After their cheers, Kodaka convinced Yukimura into drinking orange juice instead after he saw the latter choking on cola. As he drank Yukimura's glass, Rika mistook it as an indirect kiss as Yozora tried to fool Maria in drinking too much cola will cause her bones to melt causing Maria to offer her cola to Yozora which she refused after Kodaka realized that Yozora is still not good in drinking cola since their childhood days. After Kodaka asked Yozora about what's mentioned, Rika felt suspicion regarding the two as Kodaka offered to her Maria's cola.

Afterwards, the rest of the Neighbor's Club returned to their normal state and did as they pleased, causing Kodaka to complain about the kind of party they are having. As they suggest on what games to play, Rika came up with the King Game which most of them agreed on playing as both Kodaka and Yukimura opposed it, leaving them no choice but to play instead until Kodaka came up with a condition where they write their orders beforehand and put it in a box where the king will randomly pick and declare instead of the king randomly declaring on what orders to be followed.

After numerous rounds of nonsense orders, Sena became king again for the fourth time of the game. As she picked out her order, she was surprised when the order was that the king (Sena) to kiss number three. With Kodaka as number three, Sena called out to him to follow on doing the said order. As they were about to kiss, Yozora stops them midway and smacked both Kodaka and Sena with her flyswatter. Thinking of a solution, Kodaka drank Sena's glass and claimed to the others as an indirect kiss to Sena, which everyone approved; fulfilling Sena's order. And with that, the King Game was set to a close as Sena murmured to herself that it's pointless for her to kiss Kodaka as part of a game.

That night, Kodaka received a call from his father, Hayato, who was working overseas. Caught off guard, Kodaka was left confused as his father asked if his son, and his best friend's daughter, Sena, were getting married.