Amusement Park ~ Vomit Chapter ~
Chapter Information
Release Date November 25, 2010
Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 5
Chapter Guide
Amusement Park ~ Astaroth Chapter ~
Hot Springs

Amusement Park ~ Vomit Chapter ~ is chapter 53 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter five of volume five.


In the restaurant of the park where the Neighbor's Club gathered and had eaten, they discussed what they'd done around the park. As Kodaka retorted on Maria's request on riding the Black Dragon again, Sena toughly declared that she is willing to ride the Black Dragon again but added that she won't knowing her club-mates are frightened. Hearing this, Yozora and Sena began to bicker until it ended with a challenge on them riding the Black Dragon together until someone surrenders and admits defeat.

After lunch, as Sena and Yozora go and compete at the Black Dragon, Kodaka and the rest went to ride numerous thrill rides and went in a haunted house. As they ride the Ferris wheel, Kodaka, who was admiring the view of the Black Dragon from their spot, asked on how Yozora and Sena are doing. Afterwards, they agreed on searching for them.

Heading to the Black Dragon's entrance, Yukimura noted to Kodaka that they'd found Sena and Yozora. Finding them, Kodaka was taken aback as Sena and Yozora revealed that they'd rode the Black Dragon eight times, which resulted in having them both completely exhausted and sick. As Sena declared for a ninth round, Kodaka convinced them to call off their competition. Disagreeing, Sena and Yozora both proceed to vomit on Kodaka as they were about to declare on not losing to one another, much to Maria's disgust as Kodaka looks at them in dismay.

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