Birthday Party (With Kobato And Company)
Chapter Information
Release Date April 25, 2011
Chapter 11
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
Chapter Guide
Birthday Party (With The Neighbors Club)
Words Lost in the Wind

Birthday Party (With Kobato And Company) is chapter 70 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter eleven of volume six.


Arriving in their house, Kodaka immediately placed the beef in their fridge and went to buy ingredients for their sukiyaki after putting on a new change of clothes. After buying the groceries, Kodaka spotted a scooter and Kate Takayama outside their house and then Maria, who came out as she hugged Kodaka not long after. As Maria got inside after her sister Kate reprimanded her, Kodaka invited Kate inside for dinner and Kate agreed. Inside the house, after Kate's introduction towards Kobato and knowing she too addresses Kodaka as "Onii-chan", Kobato howled as she approached her brother and questioned him for garnering more little sisters. After soothing Kobato, Maria presented her gift, a cross necklace, to Kobato and later ensued another fight between the two but was cut short as Kodaka had already finished cooking dinner and both Maria and Kobato decided to help Kodaka in finishing up. Kodaka then told Kobato to thank Maria for the present and Kobato did so in a low-toned manner. As both Maria and Kobato slacked off after finish eating their food, Kate mentioned that the scooter outside the house was hers and showed Kodaka the present she received from Maria in her birthday -- which was a cicada's shell encased in a pendant. And Kate sulked as Maria gave Kobato a real necklace. After dinner, Kodaka prompted Kate to stay for the night and Kate agreed and later dragged Maria into taking a bath alongside with her. After grabbing Kate's and Maria's change of clothes, Kodaka searched for Kobato until a naked Kobato came storming off at the bathroom and Kodaka found Kate naked inside. As Kodaka stuttered his way out the bathroom, he later apologized to Kate and the latter forgave him nonchalantly. In their little exchange, Kate mentioned Pegasus' liking towards Kodaka as the latter then discovered that Pegasus was her fishing buddy and Kate invited Kodaka on their fishing trips.

The next morning, as both Kate and Maria rode the scooter to head back home, Kate remarked that it would be nice for Kodaka to be their real older brother or something more but noted that he already had Sena. Though puzzled by her words, Kate and Maria drove off as Kodaka was able to know the meaning of Kate's words not long after.

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