Birthday Party (With The Neighbors Club)
Chapter Information
Release Date April 25, 2011
Chapter 10
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
Chapter Guide
It's A Date No Matter How You Look At It. Seriously, etc.
Birthday Party (With Kobato And Company)

Birthday Party (With The Neighbors Club) is chapter 69 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter ten of volume six.


In their birthday decorated, yet still dull clubroom, Yukimura asked Kodaka about what one does in a birthday party. Finding no answer, Rika suggested on playing games but Yozora noted that the only games they had were Sena's galgame and Rika's PC games as Sena suggested on playing Twister instead. Meanwhile, Kodaka received a text from Kobato saying she isn't going to come to the clubroom and Kodaka convinced her by saying their is a big cake prepared for her. Afterwards, Kobato entered the room and was welcomed by pops from party poppers, popped by each of the individuals in the clubroom in-simultaneously, much to Kodaka's dismay. By then, Kobato's cake was shown to the latter and the others were fascinated by it and at the same time weird-ed out by Sena's design on top of the cake. After singing a birthday song, Kobato blew all the candles on her cake and then proceeded on eating it. After eating, Kobato received her gifts from her club-mates and when Sena was turn to present her gift, the others were taken aback as she presented Kobato with beef meat, whom the others took as a joke and Sena annoyingly retorted. After accepting their gifts, Kodaka noted that he and Kobato will now have sukiyaki for dinner and then decided to end the party. As they head home, Kobato happily carried all her presents.

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