Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Wiki, or more commonly known as Haganai Wiki, is a wiki-based community focused on the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series and its spin-offs. The series was authored by Yomi Hirasaka and illustrated by Buriki.

The wiki aims to share more detailed information of the Haganai series towards fans and non-fans alike and to become the best resource and community for Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Wiki is hosted by Wikia, a free web hosting service for wikis.


Late 2011-early 2012

Before this wiki was initially founded, a separate Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai wiki was already created by user Vegapunk on November 19, 2011, around the same time the first season of the animated adaptation of Haganai started airing. But this was abandoned by the aforementioned user and then made this Haganai wiki around January 7, 2012 for reasons unknown. However the wiki felt dormant for the time being and Vegapunk's contributions made little to no difference to the wiki's growth. With the essentials provided by the wikia community and slight contributions by some passing editors, the Haganai wiki begins to grow


Mid-way to the year 2012, a new leader stepped in the community, Primus de Pedos (dubbed as 'P-man') spearheaded over the wiki's development and then requested adoption to better revive the wiki - making him the first official bureaucrat of the wiki. Along with user Kelso MD, whom P-man promoted to administrator in response to the critically low amount of contributors to the wiki at the time, both editors made significant contributions to the wiki ever since its founding. P-man merged the other existing Haganai wikis to this wiki and, with his connections to other wiki communities, specifically the TWGOK wiki, P-man managed to shape up the wiki's foundation and affiliated with several other wiki communities with over 60 pages made by the end of 2012.


The year 2013 was hailed as a great milestone for the wiki due to receiving significant contributions and saw contributor turnover, and the year Kelso MD and P-man became inactive.

By the dawn of said year, user Porterfield made general cosmetic changes over the wiki's home page. The aformentioned user's addition to the wiki's home page remained largely intact to this day.

Merely a month after the second season of the Haganai anime started airing, user Boonerski (formerly known as Onee-saB*tch) joined the community that February. In his involvement, Boonerski made some of the most notable contributions to the wiki. The wiki's page count saw a significant rise, existing articles were deeply elaborated and the wiki's own favicon and policies having been finally established.

The wiki raised over 100 pages by March that year, and after 4 months, reached over 200 pages.

Inevitably, P-man promoted Boonerski from a simple rollbacker up to becoming the second bureaucrat of the wiki after the former stated his retirement. In P-man's absence, Boonerski assumed the role as guardian of the wiki.

For his daily [minor] edits and committment to the wiki, Boonerski promoted user TheRealUchihaItachi to rollbacker. Following TRUI's promotion however, some edits claimed by him were deemed questionable such as adding extraneous categories to articles and dismissing some cases of vandalism. In turn, TRUI reached top in the 'Achievements Leaderboard' but was eventually reprimanded by Boonerski for his aforementioned actions.

Before the year's end, one major case of harassment and vandalism was inflicted by an anonymous user on several articles in the wiki which included removal of large amounts of data and code tampering with some of the wiki's templates. Fortunately, the user's actions were reverted to normalcy alongside being blocked from the wiki.


A year since the conclusion of the last animated adaption of the series, the wiki received only mild activity and visits by readers and editors alike. Most of the wiki's activity centered around filling in missing information regarding light novel articles, which was a big factor in raising the page count of the wiki. Revamps of some articles were made for the sake of consistency within the format being used in newer articles at the time but most were left as is.

While affiliation with other anime wikis were made, the wiki's major concern still lies in its inadequacy in terms of content.


The status of the wiki in 2015 was not much different than that of 2014 but it saw the rise of a user named Munchvtec who debuted on the wiki on mid-2014. 

With Boonerski's declining presence, Munchvtec mostly did as what TRUI had during his time on the wiki albeit on a larger scale. After being granted the rights of being the wiki's discussion moderator, Munchvtec was eventually promoted as a rollbacker for his contributions which continue to grow bit-by-bit.

By mid-December, the wiki's major source and the host website of translated Japanese light novels - Baka-Tsuki - has been given a DCMA notice from Kadokawa Corp.,the parent company of the series' publisher, Media Factory. As a result, all translated content from the series (and others) were removed from the website and in turn would indefinintely cripple some progress in the wiki in regards to publishing summarized upcoming translated light novel chapters for the time being.


The year started with Munchvtec's promotion to administrator in response to combating cases of vandalism. This marked a major addition to the wiki's few known active editors and also becoming the first promoted rollbacker to administrator in recent memory (not since Boonerski more than two years past).


Just like the series' Neighbor's Club, the Haganai wiki isn't strict with rules. However, the wiki's policies and principles made by bureaucrat Boonerski make sure that things won't get out of hand.

For the wiki's policies, go here.

Known editors






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