Chapter Information
Release Date November 25, 2010
Chapter 9
Volume Light Novel Volume 5
Chapter Guide
Let The Second Semester Begin
Welcome to the World of Otomege

Butler is chapter 57 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter nine of volume five.


On the third day of their new semester, Kodaka arrived at the clubroom and was welcomed by Yukimura, who was now wearing a butler's uniform. Amidst the confusion, Yozora explained that it is the second version of her training to Yukimura and preached that a true man emanates manliness even if that person is biologically female. While Kodaka was taken aback by Yozora's speech, Yukimura was instead delighted by it. Kodaka then remarked that he is aware of Yukimura's determination but asked why a butler. Yozora explained to Kodaka that butlers can do anything for the sake of their masters and regarded them as warriors, which Yukimura strives to become. Sena and Rika added about the growing popularity of cute girls wearing butler outfits and stated that Kokonoe Mebaru from 'Chicken Butler and Mayonnaise' is the primary source and example, much to the surprise of Yozora. While Yozora was skeptical about the fact, Sena pointed out to her about Stella, a steward on their estate, who is also an attractive woman and works as a butler. Though Yozora does not know who Stella is, Kodaka explained to her that she was the one who picked them after the summer festival. Yozora then asked if it's weird for a capable woman (like Stella) to works as a butler, but Sena explained that it's what makes Stella moe (attractive), which left Yozora puzzled on the kind of "moe" Sena was talking about. Rika then complimented Yozora for making Yukimura wear a butler uniform, and Yozora murmured to herself that she again failed. Yukimura then remarked that she will serve Kodaka at her best with the clothes provided to her by Yozora before making a bow to Kodaka.


  • "Kokonoe Mebaru from Chicken Butler and Mayonnaise" is a parody of the real life light novel series Mayo Chiki! and its protagonist Konoe Subaru.

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