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Cell phones, shortened from cellular phones, or more formally referred to as mobile phones, are an important part of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series. These devices play a role in shaping the development of a character and allows them to take part in social interactions even outside school grounds, which is not normally the case.


Cell phones are normally small and can come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. They are normally rectangular shaped and are about the size of a human hand or are otherwise, smaller.

Cell phones that have appeared in the series are more of the 'clam-shell ' variant and not of the more modern smartphone form factor.


Cell phones are portable communication devices used by a person to talk to another person over long distances if the persons in question cannot communicate with one another directly. They can make and receive calls over a radio frequency carrier while the user is within a telephone service area.

A cell phone can do more than just make calls; the user can message others as well. If the cell phone in question is more advanced technologically, it can also handle performing various specific tasks through 'applications' such as browsing the internet or playing games.


Yozora and Kodaka were puzzled at the cell phone's technological advancement.

Cell Phones SeenEdit

Kodaka's Cell PhoneEdit

Kodaka has a small gold flip phone with a small charm attached to it.

Yozora's Cell PhoneEdit

Yozora has a black flip phone with a small tannish-colored strap attached to it.

Sena's Cell PhoneEdit

Sena, not having a cell phone at the start of the series later gets the same one as Kodaka. This being a gold flip phone with a small charm connected to it.

Rika's Cell PhoneEdit

Rika has a small green flip phone with what appears to be a silver stylus attached to it.

Yukimura's Cell PhoneEdit

Yukimura has a small red-colored cell phone.