Comparing Answers
Chapter Information
Release Date July 25, 2010
Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
Chapter Guide

Comparing Answers is chapter 45 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter eight of volume four.


After their finals, Kodaka was able to feel relieved once and for all, as he and Yozora walked together; headed to the clubroom. As they were, Yozora brought up a topic about "comparing answers" which are done after tests by Normals. Though she despised the thought of it, Yozora and Kodaka engaged on comparing answers as practice for making friends. As they went through with it, Sena instantly arrived and answered one of Kodaka's question, while Yozora was annoyed by Sena's sudden presence. After Sena was able to correctly answer all of Yozora questions, the latter stormed off, agitated, but Sena soon followed after her, trying to convince Yozora to ask her more questions, regardless on how difficult they may be, which Yozora denied, and began comparing answers with her air friend, as Sena kept calling out to Yozora.

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