Dark Knight Rising
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Chapter Information
Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 10
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Be My Friend (chapter)

Dark Knight Rising is chapter 119 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter seven of volume ten.


Christmas Eve had arrived and both Sena and Kodaka went to the Mass with Sena only caring for Kobato's performance. Kodaka had to do all the preparation for the party alone. Yozora and Yukimura were also preparing for the party. Rika, however, was not in the mood for the party because of her hatred for the crowds. Kobato, Maria and Kate performed on the Mass. In the Play, Kobato and Maria exchanged their most precious possessions with each other, which Kodaka found both noble and wonderful. The Christmas party took place afterwards. Although Kodaka found it abnormal that Sena would assist in the party, she declared it was because both he and Yozora had giving it their best that she had to come. While there, they found Aoi Yusa as a receptionist since she was from the student council. After checking their IDs they entered the gym. There the male students lined up for giving gifts to Sena who took them politely and with a lady smile. Kodaka who couldn't get the time to talk to her stood alone for awhile until Yozora came along and chatted with him. She had stood-in for Hinata Hidaka for the preparation of the party and all other responsibilities of hers. Kodaka praised her and encouraged her to go for the president elections which she declined with a faint smile calling her all hard work an act! She was as she said only copying some heroine and leaders and it all worked out. Hinata, wearing as Santa, gave a speech afterwards which apparently was written by Yozora judging from the weird stuff that was here and there all along the speech. Aoi was next and gave an out-of-place speech, with it finished both Hinata and Yozora left the party to continue the studying. Kodaka did his best with serving food and drinks and, while in the middle of it he noticed Rika standing outside the gym. He tried persuading her that she should inter since she was dressing up and said: "I want to go with you." and when she asked him: "as a friend?" he said yes so she had no choice but to do so. After some chat Kodaka convinced her to go in the crowd to get some food while informing her that he was the one who made the fried chicken and the seafood curry. Suddenly, Sena was surrounded by some girls asking her about the gift that Suagawa gave her, yet Sena couldn't remember him which causing them to be even more sore about it. A girl named Akiko was apparently having a crush on him for along time now and he had a crush on Sena. The girls accused her to be ogling guys. She had enough with their accusation so she gave them the whole gift bag to take them all since she doesn't care about any of the guys. This made them act even worse towards her so they pushed the bag of gifts and her own bag too. realizing that a small gift was important to her was pushed she started shouting and insulting them. Although the girls were on wrong, her words made her look worst and people start talking badly about her on whisper and accusing her to not have friends. On the verge of crying Yozora came to the rescue and even said worse words to them than Sena. Those words were meant to her, Yozora, as much to them concluding with asking people to be as they always wanted to be once young, as heroes, and just be nice to one another. One of the guys approached them with anger and Kodaka jumped to rescue the two girls taking of his wigs and glasses and started fighting them and bad mouthing. Rika who tried to stop him, reminded him that he will through the peace he had since he changed his look. He stated that it was all a mask and he now only wants to protect those few he treasures. While kicking and being kicked, a guy showed up and stopped him with a judo shoulder throw. It was Matsuyama the one who had kept the score in the basketball game the other day with him.

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