Ghost Stories
Chapter Information
Release Date March 25, 2010
Chapter 12
Volume Light Novel Volume 3
Chapter Guide
The Sea
Summer Festival

Ghost Stories is chapter 35 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter twelve of volume three.


Afters days of frolicking at the beach and eating their dinner, the Neighbor's Club rest by the villa. Not having been able to engage in many club related activities in the past few days, Rika suggested on telling ghost stories and having a test of courage afterwards, which everyone agreed upon. After a series of hapless stories, Yozora was able to shaken the others with her ghost story about a young girl named Yamiko and cancelled the test of courage due to this.

In their respective rooms; unable to sleep due to the guilt of having betrayed his best-friend, Kodaka was then repeatedly asked to escort Sena, Kobato, and Maria to the bathroom while Rika intended to have sexual intercourse with Kodaka, much to his nuisance. Afterwards, realizing that he too needed to go the bathroom, Kodaka stumbled upon Yozora by the door and the two decided to go to the bathroom together as Kodaka asked the latter if she too was frightened by her own story. Having retorted Kodaka's claim, Yozora stated that she can't scare anyone with her story without being scared of it herself. 

After doing their business, they returned to their rooms. The sun began to arise as the second and last day of the Neighbor's Club's training camp ended.

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