Karin Jinguuji

Karin pp

Jinguuji Karin
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
  • High School Student
  • Student Council Secretary
Class 2-4
Aliases Gabriella
School St. Chronica's Academy
Novel Debut Chapter 9:Volume 8
Anime Debut NEXT Episode 12

Character OverviewEdit

Karin Jinguuji (???, Jinguuji Karin) is a recurring character from the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series. She is currently the Student Council Secretary at St. Chronica's Academy, and one of the few actual Christians of her school.


Karin has long wavy dark hair that is personalized by the cross-shaped hair clips above each ear. To further emphasize her Christian faith, Karin wears a silver, beadless rosary wrapping around her neck. Karin also wears rosary bracelets around both of her wrists.

Karin is also known to be attractive, as quoted by Kodaka that her looks gave off an impression "somewhere beautiful and cute" albeit shown to be emotionless.


Karin is usually depicted as calm yet expressionless. But beneath this, Karin is straightforward and blunt with her words, though typically delivered in a serious, deadpan manner. Karin is also respectful towards her juniors and seniors alike and can easily cope up with social situations. 

As revealed by her past love interests, Karin can be labelled as a lesbian and her passion towards yuri or girl's love speaks volumes of her attraction towards the same sex. Known persons who have caught Karin's affection include Kate and Yozora, both of which harshly rejected Karin's feelings. This is due to Karin's bold and rather harsh approaches of gaining their attention, such as in Kate's case when Karin immediately converted to Christianity just to know more about her then ignoring the consequences. Despite these failed attempts however, Karin continues her approach to anyone that caught her affection. When successful, Karin includes them into her 'harem', also known as her Board Game Club.

Aside from girl's love, Karin has a keen interest towards board games, hence her membership in the Board Game Club, and to an extent, ero guro - an art-form regarded as both erotic and grotesque - and gets engrossed whenever these topics are mentioned or implied.

Karin is not devout towards her religion (Christianity); in fact, she is quite ignorant to its ideals and teachings. However, Karin's fondness towards her baptismal name, Gabriella, and her penchant towards crosses made Karin regard her religion more of a convenience if nothing else.

Among all the members of the Student Council, Karin is the least talkative but still maintains a good relationship towards all members as she fulfills her role as their secretary.


Like the other members of the Student Council, it can be presumed that she possesses a high level of intelligence. Along with various other skills which made her the right fit for becoming their Student Council's secretary.


  • Karin's Christian name is "Gabriella".
  • When translated, Karin can mean "Perfume" or "fragrance".
    • A Jinguuji is a "temple attached to a shrine".

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