Kodaka's Romance of the Three Kingdoms Talk (& Kobato Joining Flag ②)
Kodaka no sangokushi tōku ( & Kobato kanyū furagu 2)
Chapter Information
Release Date November 25, 2009
Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 2
Chapter Guide
Romancing Saga

Kodaka's Romance of the Three Kingdoms Talk (& Kobato Joining Flag ②) (小鷹の三国志トーク(&小鳩加入フラグ2), Kodaka no sangokushi tōku ( & Kobato kanyū furagu 2)) is chapter 17 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter five of volume two.


After dismissal, Kodaka, instead of his usual trips to the club-room, came to the school's library to study. There, he thought about the happenings, and laments on the difficulty he finds at the subjects he is currently learning. At the same time, Kodaka spots Maria who badmouths Kodaka as she greets him, saying she's there at the library since she's afraid of getting teased by Yozora, who, is at the club-room. And added that she's always present in the library after dismissal, and that she usually sits further inside the library to conceal herself so the Sisters won't scold her for disregarding her duties.

As Maria joins Kodaka in his reading, Kodaka notices that the book Maria is reading is about a manga adaptation of the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". After knowing that the both of them are a fan of the said adaptation, Maria and Kodaka began to discuss about their favorite commanders coming from the adaptation. Though Maria doesn't share Kodaka's view of his favorites, but was fascinated by them afterwards after Kodaka preached Maria about the good deeds and merits of what his favorites accomplished, causing Maria to badmouth her favorite commander for the opposite reason.

After Maria asked Kodaka to give her a list of manga adaptations of which his (and now Maria's) favorite commanders often make an appearance, Maria declared that she will pester her sister, Kate, to have her acquire the manga for herself. But when Kodaka passed by the chapel, he found out that Maria's pestering failed.

That night, Kodaka was telling Kobato about recent events about him and Maria, much to Kobato's displeasure as her brother wonders on what manga (about "Romance of Three Kingdoms") he would bring, and show to Maria. Kobato then remarks that Kodaka should instead put his thinking into his offerings (dinner) to Kobato, which the quality in, has been degrading because of Kodaka's late returns home due to club activities. And Kodaka reassures his little sister, avoiding the issue.

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