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Volume 1


Release Date August 25, 2009
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The Light Novel Volume 1 is the first volume released on the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series. This cover's characters are the main protagonist, Yozora Mikazuki and Kodaka Hasegawa. In the volume, there is a simple character sheet that briefly introduces all the main and supporting characters of the series.

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Kodaka Hasegawa, a normal high-school boy in Saint Chronica was always being treated and looked upon like a delinquent or yankee by his school mates due to his hair color. One day, he met a person called Yozora Mikazuki and they quickly formed a club, the Neighbours' Club.

The purpose of the club is to make friends. Soon, They founf two new members, the arrogant and beautiful valedictorian of the school and Yukimura, a cross-dressing pretty boy that serves Kodaka as Kodaka's mundane life soon turns to anything but boring !

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