Maid Cafe
Chapter Information
Release Date April 25, 2011
Chapter 3
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
Chapter Guide
Footsteps of Horror (aka The School Festival)
Fortune Telling

Maid Cafe is chapter 62 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter three of volume six.


The Neighbor's Club discussed their club's activity for their cultural festival. Sena firstly suggested on having a maid cafe and Yozora coldly rejected. After Sena preached that a maid cafe is the bread and butter of every cultural festival as the others claimed Sena's idea for not being too bad, Yozora declared that there is no way for her to serve costumers, which everyone agreed upon. Afterwards, Yozora, irritated, after hearing her club-mates' comments, pointed out to them that they too share the same description as hers. While Kodaka retorted on her claim, he demonstrated in acting sociable as his club-mates were taken aback by his intensifying performance. After Kodaka questioned Rika on serving costumers, she volunteered in demonstrating being a maid and then wore the maid uniform, which left Kodaka puzzled as he found Sena and Yozora holding off their laughter due to Rika's actions while changing in which Kodaka hasn't glimpsed since he was asked by Rika to close his eyes. After being told to go out the club-room and re-enter, Kodaka was abused by the tsundere maid Rika, as the others, including Kodaka, found her performance to be in poor taste. When Rika asked Yukimura for her opinion and advice, Yukimura stated that the essence of being a maid was a heart devoted to Kodaka. Afterwards, Sena was next to demonstrate herself in being a maid and told Kodaka to go out the club-room as she changes. Re-entering, Kodaka was astonished by Sena's natural performance while the other girls flung insults at Sena for her tight appearance while wearing the maid uniform. Before downing on his coffee, Sena cast a "spell" on Kodaka's coffee as Yozora coldly stares at Sena in silence. Afterwards, Sena stormed off the club-room after she hollered on not going in a maid cafe in weekends and hence, Yozora declared that they will not be doing the maid cafe for the festival which the rest agreed upon also.

Later that day, before Kodaka would head home, he returned to club-room in attempt to ask Yozora (who was still in the club-room) about Rika's actions while changing which led her and Sena to the point of laughter. Entering it, Kodaka immediately saw Yozora wearing the maid uniform. Trying to explain to him, Kodaka simply smiled and exited the club-room. That night, Yozora texted Kodaka that she was only wearing the maid uniform to check for stretches and tears as Kodaka replied by saying he was aware.

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