My Feelings (私のキ・モ・チ, Watashi no Ki-mo-chi) is the closing theme song of season 1 of the Haganai anime. It was solely performed by Marina Inoue.


Rōmaji (Anime version)

A-nounai souzou risou no genjitsu touchi

Imasara docchi datte ikkedo tomodachidzukuri

Hitori sabishii yatsu da to sagesumu shisen ga ki ni naru

De, uwaddzura dake atsumattara

Sore de ii to omotteiru uchi ni

Are yo are yo to toujou

Sorotte hatenkou na yatsura ni

Mai pe-su midasareteyuku atamakuru toku ni nikkuki niku

Watashi no mune hisoka ni asette yuujuufudangimi de

My heart tsutaerarenai

Zannen na no ha watashi na no ka?

Moya moya wo kakiwake Today!

Okizari ni sareta otomegokoro

Ano hi kara nayandeiru

Hayaku mitsukedashite maigo no kokoro


Ah, I'm in denial about how my plans never work

I don't really care about it, but I'll try... "making friends"

I don't like those look of pity thinking I'm all lonely

But just when I thought I would pretend

And having fake friends would be fine...

Something happens and they appear

And they keep coming, the crazies

Ruining my pace, the blood to my head, and that blasted Meat!

My thoughts jumbled in a quiet panic, and I can't decide

I can't tell you how I feel

Am I really the unfortunate one here?

I'll push my feelings through today!

My pure heart left standing there

I've been worried ever since that day

Hurry and find it, my lost heart


By order of appearance:

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