As Long As There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If I Get More Sisters, Right?

NEXT Episode 7

Onii-chan dekedo Ai sae Areba Imōto ga Fuetemo Kankeinai yo ne
Episode Information
Air Date February 22, 2013
Episode NEXT - 7
Overall - 19
Opening Song Be My Friend
Ending Song Our Wings
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As Long As There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If I Get More Sisters, Right? (お兄ちゃんだけど愛さえあれば妹が増えても関係ないよねっ, Onii-chan dekedo Ai sae Areba Imōto ga Fuetemo Kankeinai yo ne) is the seventh episode of the second season - known as NEXT - and the twentieth overall episode of the Haganai anime series produced by AIC Build. The episode centers around the preparation and celebration of Kobato's birthday in the club-room and in their own home featuring the Neighbor's Club and Sister Kate.


This episode begins with Kobato, holding a tomato juice-filled wine glass, watching her favorite anime, Kurogane no Necromancer, while Kodaka is in his room reading, and at the same time he received a text from Sena, where Sena tells Kodaka to come with her to Nagaya City, a big shopping district, to buy her a present for Kobato's upcoming birthday. Kodaka agreed, which was followed by several more text messages, coming from Rika, Yukimura, and Yozora, which are also asking the same question on what gift to buy for Kobato on her birthday. After a little complaining on how erotic (Rika), and long (Yukimura & Yozora) the text messages are, Kodaka replied on their text messages.

At one of the waiting areas at Tooya station, Sena, Yozora, Rika and Yukimura were there, looking annoyed. Kodaka then came and greeted them and tells them that they should be going, causing the others to sigh in anxiety.

In the train, Kodaka asked Yozora to sit down, Yozora refused, saying she's fine and asks why Sena and the others are present with them. Kodaka apologized, saying he forgot to tell them that since all of them wanted to buy Kobato a present, they just might as well go together and buy one.

Sena then said it's fine, but doesn't like the idea and hates the way how Kodaka acts as if it's normal. Rika, who is lying by the window of the train, talking in a cold manner, saying she had it figured out that they will end in their current situation, and adding that it's important to know when to give up, much to Yukimura agreeing with her. Rika then asked if Kodaka's just naturally dense or is he doing everything on purpose.

Kodaka: " Rika? "

Rika: " Nevermind! I was just thinking you're quite an interesting person. "

Kodaka: " Say what? And why are you in your uniform and lab coat today? "

Rika: " Is something wrong with it? "

Kodaka: " You've been putting a ton of effort into your hair lately, but you're always wearing the same clothes. It feels really weird. I mean today you put highlights in, and you're trying to give it a lot of volume. "

Rika: " Y-You noticed that? You're quite good at this, Senpai. But I don't really see the point of putting effort into my clothes. Because you'd just ignore it like when I changed in front of you. "

Kodaka then commented on how cute Rika's looks are and how nice it would be if combined with cute clothes. Everybody was then surprised by Kodaka's sudden remark, who wasn't aware that he actually said it out loud, causing Rika to blush.

Rika then asked advice to Sena on looking for good clothes to wear, since she thinks that Sena has a wonderful sense of style.

Sena: " Um... I don't go to Nagaya very often... I usually go to a high-class store near my house. "

Kodaka: " The only things around your house are mountains and valleys. "

Sena: *gasp*

Rika & Yukimura: " Sena-senpai? " "Sena-anego? "

Sena: " I'm sorry. I lied. Stella takes care of my clothes, and she does my hair and make-up too. "

Upon hearing Sena's explanation, Yozora smirked, much to Sena's annoyance.

Rika (while holding her glasses directly to Sena): " Her power level is 5. Trash. "

Kodaka: " A scouter?! "

Rika then instead asked Yozora where she buy her clothes, where Yozora answered that she bought it online, and that she buys anything that the models in the magazines wear or on the websites wear as sets.

Rika: " So anything in fashion magazines looks good on you? I'm jealous. You're looking really cute today. "

Yozora: " *gasp* Cute, you say? "

Rika: " Yes. Very girlish and sexy cute. "

Yozora: " Girlish? Sexy? Cute? Huh? (looking at Kodaka) "

Kodaka: " Y-Yeah... "

Yozora: " Impossible! This was in the "boyish look" corner in the magazine! "

Sena: *chuckle*

Rika: " Yozora-senpai... "

Kodaka: " Yozora... I hate to break it to you, but "boyish look" doesn't mean "looks like a boy". "

Yozora: *gasp*

Rika: " It means a style that uses more unisex-looking clothes to bring out a girl's natural cuteness. "

Kodaka: " That's just common sense... You won't find many guys walking around with their bellies and thighs showing. "

Yozora: " But... I've never paid attention to any other guys, so... "

Kodaka: " Huh? "

Yozora: " Forget it! "

After hearing the fact on Yozora's sexy appearance and fashion style, Yozora, half in tears and feeling embarrassed, squatted and covered her back (specifically her butt) with her hand.

Afterward, the gang arrived at Nagaya at last. Yozora said she wanted to go shopping and told Kodaka not to follow her. Rika comes along with Yozora, and Kodaka asked Yukimura to look after them just in case the two won't pass out in the crowd. Yukimura agreed and the three went off, leaving Sena and Kodaka to go shopping together for Kobato's present.

Sena: " Hey, Kodaka... What kind of present would get me more love points with Kobato-chan? IrNec merchandise? "

Kodaka: " She's got most of the stuff she really wants. Oh, and try not to get her anything too expensive. "

Sena: Wow, you're acting like a real parent for her. Then what should I get her? "

Kodaka: " How about something that would make you happy? "

Sena: " That'd be Kobato-chan, of course! "

Kodaka: " That's not happening! "

After which, Kodaka remarked Kobato's fondness for meat, causing Sena to misunderstood (only in a happy way), until Kodaka corrected her. But Sena noted Kodaka that she thinks it's a little crude to give someone food as a birthday present, much to Kodaka's surprise for Sena lecturing her common sense. But Sena added that giving Kobato meat as a present would be her last resort. Before Sena can tell Kodaka to continue shopping, Kodaka found something that sparked his interest.

After an hour of shopping, at a cafe, Sena complained to Kodaka for making her wait while as he did his own shopping for frying pans, Kodaka apologized to the latter. Sena then called Kodaka weird, but Kodaka said that there's no problem for a guy like him to like kitchen equipment. But Sena said that is not what she meant.

Kodaka then remarked on how long the others are taking their time shopping. Sena explained that girls take a long time to decide on things, and said that a galge taught her that.

Sena: " Hey, what do you think about Yozora, Rika, and Yukimura? "

Kodaka: " What do you mean? "

Sena: " How can I put it... Well, whatever. How about a girlfriend? Do you want one? "

Kodaka: " I can't say I don't... "

Sena: " That's so vague. "

Kodaka: " My goal right now is to make friends. How can a boring guy who doesn't even have friends get a girlfriend? "

Sena: " I don't think you are. "

Kodaka: " Huh? "

Sena: " Well, I mean... Oh, whatever. "

Kodaka: " What're you trying to say? "

Sena: " Uuu.. "

Kodaka: " Oh, hey, Sena... What do you think about how Yozora and I used to be friends? "

Sena: " When I heard it, I kind of panicked, but after thinking about it, I figured it doesn't really matter. "

Kodaka: " It doesn't matter? "

Sena: " I mean, it's the past, right? The present is what's important. "

Kodaka: " Maybe you're right... "

Sena: " Though, I don't know what Yozora thinks about it. "

Kodaka: " What do you mean? "

Sena: " Nothing. I just won't lose to her. That's all. "

At the same time, Kodaka's cell phone vibrated, signaling that he received a text. Just before Sena and Kodaka entered the elevator, Sena reminded Kodaka that whenever she likes someone, she noted that they're not boring.

When assembling with the others, Rika asked Kodaka on how she looks on the dress recommended by her by a staff of a store. Rika was wearing an orange dress combined with a light-colored orange cardigan. To which Kodaka, "complimented" Rika. Yukimura also asked Kodaka on how she looks on what she was wearing. Yukimura was wearing Yozora's clothes from before, which is composed of denim hot pants and shirt that exposed her midriff. Kodaka also complimented on Yukimura's appearance, and Yukimura thanked Kodaka for that.

Between Yukimura and Rika was Yozora, who was looking sick and was wearing a black tracksuit, saying she got it at the athletic department. Sena was displeased by Yozora's appearance. Yozora said that the city wasn't the place for her since it's crowded and said that she'll just buy a random present from a local store. Yozora, Rika, Kodaka, and Yukimura then decided to go home, which caused Sena to shout in anger for them being "downers", but soon decided to come along with them.

At the club-room, Sena was drawing a slogan on a board saying "Happy Birthday KOBATO" and praising herself afterward. Sena then remarked that she can't help but feel that the party they prepared for Kobato was plain. Kodaka said that neither one of them knows what a normal birthday party is like. Yukimura then asked Kodaka what does one do during a birthday party. Kodaka unsurely answered giving presents and eating cake and asked what else is there. Rika asked if there are any games that everyone can play, but Yozora remarked that the only games they had were Sena's galge and Rika's computer games and said that it's hard for everyone to play those together. Rika then said that they should have prepared party games beforehand. Sena then said that she'll buy some games from a nearby store (like Twister, she said).

At the same time, Kobato texted Kodaka, saying she's not coming to the club-room, but Kodaka asked her to and added that there's a big cake waiting for her. After sending the text, Kobato's cell phone is heard receiving the text from outside the club-room, which is noticed by everyone from inside the club-room. 

Kobato peeked inside the club-room and was happily greeted "Happy birthday" by Sena while popping the popper, causing Kobato to growl at Sena. Yukimura, then Rika, popped their poppers. Sena then showed Kobato the cake, and at first, Kobato made a happy face, but then frowned after seeing the figurines of both her and Sena holding hands on top of the cake, with the words "Happy Birthday My Lovely Angel. Yozora then insulted Sena, saying that everything she does is creepy, causing Sena to retort, saying it's a lovely masterpiece of a cake.

Afterward, with the lights turned off and the candles on the cake are now lighted, the whole club sang a "Happy Birthday Song" for Kobato. Kobato then blew the candles on the cake, causing her to blush after the rest gave her an applause for doing so. After which, they started eating the cake then began to give each others' gifts to Kobato.

Yozora's gift was a handkerchief set, Rika's gift was a collection of aroma candles, Yukimura's gift was a talisman, and when it was Sena's turn to hand over her gift to Kobato, Kobato hid behind Kodaka. Sena's gift was meat, to which Yozora call "masochistic". Kodaka then told Kobato that they will have sukiyaki for their dinner. Sena then happily approached Kobato, telling her to think of her when she eats it, causing Kobato to retort on her remark.

On heading home, Kobato, who was holding her presents, was wearing a happy face saying that she had a good day. Kodaka then told Kobato that he'll be getting the ingredients for the sukiyaki, and told his little sister to head home first. Kobato then told Kodaka to make haste in his return home.

On the evening, at the Hasegawa residence, after getting the ingredients for their sukiyaki, Kodaka found Kate spying by their house. Kate was then startled by Kodaka, and Kate asked Kodaka what he was doing there.

Kodaka: " What are YOU doing in front of my house? What are you up to? "

Kate: " I thought I might sneak a peek inside. Can't I, Onii-chan? "

Kodaka: " No. And why? "

All of a sudden, Maria's laughter was heard, who just came out of the house running to Kodaka. Kodaka asked her if she was visiting and that Kate brought her. Maria happily said yes, and added that it was the only thing that her sister is useful at and was surprised to realize by now that her sister, Kate, is standing right beside her as asked why is she still at Kodaka's house. 

Kate reminded her that before she brought her at Kodaka's house, Maria told her that she is indebted to her sister forever, and angrily asked Maria what she just heard saying to Kodaka. Before coming up with a proper answer, Maria instead ran away and cursed her sister, calling her a shitty hag, as Kate called Maria a helpless brat. Kodaka then invited Kate on eating sukiyaki at his house with their little sisters, and Kate happily agrees.

Inside the house, after Kobato complained about her day turning bad, Kate introduces herself to Kobato.

Kate: " So you're Onii-chan's real sister? "

Kobato: " "Onii-chan"? "

Kate: " Well, that's what Maria calls him. And since I'm her sister, and younger than Onii-chan, I call him Onii-chan too. "

And suddenly, Kobato suddenly roared, causing shock to everyone. Kobato then asked why his brother keep getting "little sisters". Kodaka calmed Kobato down, saying that's what only Kate calls him.

Kodaka then asked Kate why Maria came into their house so suddenly, to which Kate said that Maria brought something for Kobato. Kate was then surprised after seeing Kobato's Leysis persona, and was told by Kodaka to not mind her. Kate then called out to Maria, and told her to hurry up and give her present to Kobato, much to Kodaka and Kobato's surprise. Maria then scolded at Kate, saying why she has to say that in front of Kodaka and Kobato, but Kate said it's fine and she would give it to Kobato nonetheless.

Maria: " Here. Be grateful I went out of my way to give you one. Birthdays are special, so even poopy vampires get presents. "

Kobato: " Huu... Hmph. (shyly taking the gift from Maria's hand) "

Inside Maria's present for Kobato was a key necklace. Maria said that since she thinks that Kobato's an evil existence, she would need to put it on so that she would turn into a good girl. Kobato laughed in Leysis mode, saying that holy powers don't hold a force over her. By then, Kobato and Maria began to fight, but was cut short after Kodaka finished preparing their sukiyaki. Maria then happily said that she'll prepare the plates, while Kodaka told Kobato to thank Maria for her present.

Kobato shyly said thank you to Maria, but sadly, it wasn't audible enough for Maria to hear, and instead asked Kobato what she just said, causing Kobato to call her an idiot, where Kate finds it amusing as the two began throwing words at each other.

After dinner, where Kate ate the most, thanked Kodaka for the food and asked if she and Maria can sleep over for the night. Kodaka agrees, causing Kate to thank her as she burped. Kodaka then asked Kate if she is really fifteen years old, but said she turned sixteen a few weeks ago and showed Kodaka the present that was given to her by Maria, which was a locket with a cicada shedding in it.

Kate: " (while referring to Kobato) Meanwhile, she gets a matching key. "

Kodaka: " Sounds like you got it tough too. "

Kate: " It's a big sister's job. "

As Maria woke up, Kate told her that they will be staying at Kodaka's house for the night and told her that they should take a bath, but Maria said she wanted to take a bath with Kodaka causing Kate to use force by pulling her while Maria was putting some resistance. Kodaka then told the them that he'll be getting clothes for the both of them to wear.

When Kodaka came downstairs after getting the clothes for Kate and Maria while wondering where Kobato is, as Kodaka knocked at the bathroom, a naked, crying Kobato came running out, and as Kodaka took a look in the bathroom, he saw Kate, naked.

Kate: " Onii-chan, you pervert! "

Kodaka: " HuhHuhh?! S-Sorry! (threw the clothes down the bathroom floor and closed the bathroom door shut).

Kodaka then sat down by the bathroom door, and Kate was talking to him by the other side of the door.

Kate: " Perhaps you have a confession to make, little lamb? "

Kodaka: " I'm sorry. "

Kate: " Then you are forgiven. "

Kodaka: " That's it? "

Kate: " You didn't peek on purpose, did you? "

Kodaka: " Of course not! "

Kate: " Then there's no point in holding it against you. And I like how you don't try to make excuses. "

Kodaka: " Well... It was definitely my fault. "

Kate: " You're such a nice guy, Onii-chan. I can see why Pegasus-san would like you. "

Kodaka: " Are you friends with the Chairman? "

Kate: " We're fishing buddies. We especially like salmon fishing. "

Kodaka: Really? That's a surprise. "

Kate: " Why don't you come with us sometime, Onii-chan? "

Kodaka: " Okay, sure. "

The early next morning, Kate, who was about to enter the taxi with Maria to go home, first said goodbye to Kodaka. Kate then said she'd wish on Kodaka being their brother or a certain something else, but added he already got Sena. Kodaka, confused, tried to ask but Kate, again, said her goodbye and entered the taxi and drove away.

Kodaka: " I would learn exactly what Kate meant by that soon after. "

Episode Ends...

Light Novel DifferencesEdit

  • In the light novel, Kodaka received Rika's, Yukimura's, and Yozora's texts a day after Sena texted Kodaka to come with her to Nagaya city. In the anime, he received all of their texts one after another, all in the same night.
  • In the light novel, while the girls wait at the waiting room at the station, and upon Kodaka's arrival, all of them acted upset towards Kodaka and left him for them to ride the train to Nagaya, causing Kodaka to catch after them. This was portrayed differently in the anime. In the anime, upon Kodaka's arrival, the latter greeted the girls and told them that they should be going, and the girls only sighed in anxiety.
  • In the light novel, while in the train, Yukimura apologized to Kodaka, thinking she has forgotten her place in the world and "foolishly dreaming of things beyond her status", after the girls knew that they're going together with Kodaka to Nagaya to buy Kobato's present. This was not mentioned by Yukimura in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Rika asked the others if her outfit was indeed weird, as stated by Kodaka. This was not present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Rika patted Kodaka's shoulder (causing the latter to swipe her hand off his shoulder), after suspecting that the latter likes her, while remarking to him that her science type character is now dead, after realizing that she should pay more attention to the clothes she's wearing. This was not present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Yozora asked Sena if she has ever gone to a hair salon, to which Sena said no, causing Yozora to smirk on her answer. This was not present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Rika commented on how sexy Yozora is in her current outfit. To which Kodaka outbursts in agreement, causing Rika to gaze at him weirdly, after which, Yozora felt even more embarrassed, calling Kodaka an idiot. This was not present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, while shopping, Kodaka noted that Kobato does not like decorative objects unless it's anything playable, excluding puzzle games, to which Kobato find boring. This was not mentioned in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Sena ordered a soda float while in the cafe with Kodaka. In the anime, she ordered something else.
  • In the light novel, it was mentioned that Kate owns a scooter, to which she used to go and leave Kodaka's house with her little sister, Maria. In the anime, Kate doesn't own a scooter, and instead rode a taxi when leaving Kodaka's house.
  • In the light novel, Kodaka saw Kate wearing a silver egg-shaped pendant after she caught the latter spying on their house. In the anime, Kodaka saw Kate wearing a key necklace instead, just like Maria. (this was most likely an error by the creators)
  • In the light novel, Kate punched Maria's head after saying that her big sister is only useful in bringing her to Kodaka's house. This was not present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Maria's gift to Kobato was a necklace with a cross. In the anime, it was a key necklace.
  • In the light novel, Kobato offered her brother help in preparing dinner. This was not present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Kodaka offered Kate a cup of barley tea after dinner. This was not present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Kodaka formally apologized to Kate for seeing her naked at the kitchen. In the anime, Kodaka formally apologized to Kate outside the bathroom the moment he saw Kate naked.


  • The episode title is a reference to the light novel series, Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne!.
  • Rika's quote about measuring Sena's femininity power is a parody of a line by Raditz during the first use of the scouter in the Dragon Ball Z series.
  • The "Melon" train card used by the group in Nagaya is a parody of the real-life Suica card. Suica is phonetically the same as the Japanese word for watermelon.