My Childhood Friend Fights Too Much


Ore no Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru
Episode Information
Air Date March 1, 2013
Episode NEXT - 8
Overall - 20
Opening Song Be My Friend
Ending Song Our Wings
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My Childhood Friend Fights Too Much (俺の幼なじみが修羅場すぎる, Ore no Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru) is the eighth episode of the second season - known as NEXT - and the twenty-first overall episode of the Haganai anime series produced by AIC Build.


At the club-room, Kodaka bowed deeply towards his fellow club members and thanked them for throwing Kobato a birthday party, where Kobato had fun, and that he was glad on seeing his little sister happy.

Sena(while playing her video game) " Stop being embarrassing! "

Kodaka: " Don't call it embarrassing... "

Yozora" Uhm... Well you know... I guess birthday parties are actually kind of fun. Let's keep trying to make friends that we can celebrate birthdays with! "

Kodaka: " Yeah! That party reminded me how nice it must be to have friends. I'm fired up again! "

Sena: " Ehmm. No need to tell me. That was my plan from the start. "

Yukimura" Understood, Aniki. "

After hearing their responses, Kodaka looked at Rika, who was silently staring at the latter, and asked her what's wrong. Rika instead let out a big sigh and stood up.

Rika: " Alright, let's get back to preparing for the cultural festival! Right, Kodaka-senpai? "

Kodaka: " Yeah... I guess so. (At the time, I still wasn't ready. I actually knew exactly what Rika wanted to say.) "

Later that day, Kodaka is seen entering the club-room with Kobato by his side, clinging to his arm. Sena instantly lunged in front of Kobato upon seeing her presence, and creepily said that she wanted to lick her, causing Yozora to silence her with her flyswatter, much to the shock of everyone.

Later, Yukimura is seen writing the club's proposals for their plan in their school's cultural festival at the board. As Yozora slowly observes the board. she found something in one of the proposals that sparked her interest.

Yozora: " What's that "cat cafe" thing? "

Rika: " Haven't you heard of them? It's a kind of cafe where you can play with cats while you drink. "

Yozora: " Seriously?! Such a paradise exists in this rotten world? "

Sena then refused to have an exhibit as their booth for the cultural festival, due to the fact her class is doing one, as pointed out by Kodaka. Where Sena said that she proposed to have a presentation about her, but was rejected by the girls at her class, much to her anger. 

Yozora agreed on Sena's claim, whilst throwing an offense at her. Yozora then erased "comedy show" from one of their proposals from the board, causing Kodaka to retort, while his other fellow club members said that it was just, much to Kodaka's distress. 

Afterward, Kodaka asked Kobato if she assists at their cultural festival at the middle school division, where Kobato is currently learning. Upon hearing his brother's sudden question, cold sweat began to run down Kobato's face, and Kodaka asked what her class is doing for the festival. Answering her brother's question, she said that there is nothing to get concerned about. To which Kodaka pressed her sister for an answer through not having him cook her pork ramen and having him eat all the leftover meat from her birthday party unless she answers his brother's question. And finally, Kobato answered that their class is having a movie, and that the latter is also the lead role for their movie, much to the surprise of the other club members, especially Sena, who pulled Kodaka's collar and telling him that she wanted to see Kobato's movie while grabbing Kodaka back and forth in happiness.

Kodaka asked Kobato again, asking if it's okay for her to stay in the club-room when she is the lead of their movie. Kobato only stood there in silence as cold sweat continued to run down her cheeks, to which Kodaka realized that Kobato snuck out of their class' movie. Kodaka then approached her little sister, who was nervous for being the lead role, but after Kodaka comforted her, she happily agrees in doing so and bids farewell her fellow club members and left the club-room.

Yozora then declared that their club will have a movie also at their festival, where everyone happily agreed on doing one. With that decided, Rika asked Yozora about what will be their movie about. Yozora answered her question by saying that she, herself, will be handling the movie's script. Sena instantly protested, and Kodaka pointed out to Yozora about what happened in the novel relay that the club did in the past. Yozora then admitted that she felt guilty in her past performance in the novel relay, and that she would take suggestions from her fellow club members as she writes the script.

Kodaka first suggested that there should be no rape scenes, causing Yozora to drop the marker with a shocked expression on her face. Suddenly, Maria made an entrance in the club-room, joining the club's discussion. After asking them about ideas for the movie (which were odd), Yozora remarked that with their ideas, she will come up with the masterpiece of the century, and that they (other club members) would look forward to it.

Later that evening, as Kodaka was reading his notes, he received a text from Yozora, saying he should come with her to watch a movie for getting ideas in making theirs. Before sending a reply, Yozora texted again, containing a few typos, saying she doesn't want to go with the others and tells Kodaka not to call anyone else, to which Kodaka agreed by sending Yozora his reply.

At the station, as Kodaka searches for Yozora, the latter called out to him, and Kodaka found her wearing a black tracksuit that she bought at Nagaya city (where the club went to search for Kobato's present), much to Kodaka's surprise, and asked Yozora if she is seriously going wear it. Yozora answered Kodaka's question with a yes and walked off, causing Kodaka to sigh.

As they head to the movie theater, Kodaka asked Yozora on what movie they will be seeing. Yozora said that she doesn't have anything in mind and that they'll just pick anything in random to what is on showing. When they arrived, Yozora picked a French love story for them to watch, entitled "Le conte d' amour doux" (The Sweet Love Story)Kodaka rather found the movie to be plain, but then decided to watch the movie with Yozora.

After watching the movie, the duo got out the movie theater, who were both unaware that the movie itself is lewd (as seen in the scene where both lovers made love while saying "C'est si Bon!" (This is so good!) while erotically moaning).

Kodaka: " So... got any ideas? "

Yozora: " Hell no, you idiot! I never imagined it would be so lewd! "

Kodaka: " Yeah... "

Yozora: " By the way, Kodaka... Have you ever wanted to... c'est si bon? (soft mumbling) "

Kodaka: " Huh? What was that? "

Yozora: " N-Nothing!! Alright! Let's hit a cafe before we go back! "

Kodaka: " Oka-- Hey, there's a cafe right over there. "

Yozora: " No, there's a shop I have to see no matter what. We're going there. "

Yozora and Kodaka then visited a cat cafe (one that was mentioned by Rika at the club-room). Upon their entrance, Kodaka and Yozora stumbled upon a group of cats wandering around the cafe, while Yozora, who can't contain herself of happiness after seeing the cats, immediately grabbed one the cats and hugged it.

A bit later, Yozora is seen playing one with the cats, while Kodaka was feeding one. Kodaka remarked how very fond Yozora is on cats. Yozora then said that no human would hate a cat. Kodaka then asked Yozora if she has a cat at her home, but Yozora said there was none since she lives in an apartment, and still wouldn't keep one if she doesn't, and Kodaka then asked why.

Yozora then recalled to Kodaka about "Night", a stray cat they found ten years ago under an abandoned temple. The two then decided to take care of it by feeding and playing with it, but then disappears the other day.

Yozora: " It's sad when someone disappears from your life without warning. If I'm just going to get hurt, I don't want to form any bonds to begin with. Just playing around superficially is good enough. "

Later that afternoon, back at the station, Yozora bids farewell to Kodaka and tells him to look forward for their script.

Yozora: " Um... Well... Today was kind of... you know. "

Kodaka: " What? "

Yozora: " Like ten years ago. "

Kodaka: " Yeah. It did kind of remind me of back then. "

Yozora: " See you, Kodaka! "

Days later, at the club-room, Yozora came with their script finished, and Rika, dressing as Kobato, remarked that they can now start filming, which enraged Sena after seeing the latter's outfit, calling her a fake.  

The others then praised Yozora after examining her script, and which Yozora also decided about the roles each will be playing for their movie. Whereas:

  • Yozora as Kuuya, the protagonist
  • Kodaka as Hirotaka, the childhood friend of Kuuya
  • Sena as Sana, a central figure in Kuuya's class and is against the latter and Hirotaka
  • Yukimura as Nobuyuki, a shy boy who secretly admires Hirotaka
  • Rika as Serika, a girl who harasses on both Hirotaka and Kuuya, but also likes Hirotaka
  • Maria as Mari, Kuuya's little sister

Though Yozora found their casting to be perfect, both Sena and Rika objected. On Sena's case, who objected because she thinks that she's the villain and why Yozora is the protagonist, but Yozora, who made the script, thoroughly examined Sena's role as Sana and came to the conclusion that Sena fits Sana's role perfectly.

While Rika, who stated that choosing the cast based on looks and personality is exceptional, but found that Kodaka got the wrong part for being Hirotaka, who is honest, manly, has a strong sense of justice, sociable, has a sense of humor, popular, smart, athletic, tall, and has a well-defined face. Though Kodaka found Hirotaka's personality and appearance same as his, Rika remarked that he is nothing like Hirotaka. Yozora then groaned in frustration, stating that Rika noticed it as well, while the others (except Yukimura) agreed also on Rika's remark, much to Kodaka's dismay.

Rika: " Why did you choose Kodaka-senpai for Hirotaka's part? "

Yozora: " Because... "

Rika: " Well? "

Yozora: " Kodaka's my childhood friend. "

Sena: " Oh yeah, I forgot about that. "

Yozora: " Exactly. Hirotaka is Kuuya's childhood friend. That's why I chose my own real childhood friend for his part. What's wrong with that. "

Sena: " N-Nothing's wrong with it, but... "

Rika: " So that means that if you're not Kuuya, there won't be any reason for Kodaka-senpai to be Hirotaka, right? "

Yozora: " Well... "

Rika: " Why don't we choose the cast based on a vote? "

Sena: " Yeah, let's do that. "

Yozora: " Don't decide that without me! "

Rika: " Oh? Don't you think you'll be chosen to be Kuuya? "

Yozora: " Fine. We already know how will this turn out anyway. "

After casting their votes, the cast are:

  • Yukimura as Kuuya (protagonist)
  • Yozora as Hirotaka (childhood friend of Kuuya)
  • Maria as Sana (class boss)
  • Sena as Serika (likes Hirotaka)
  • Rika as Nobuyuki (admires Hirotaka)
  • Kodaka as Mari (Kuuya's little sister)

As for Kodaka's role, he asked who were responsible for him being voted in Mari's role, and ultimately found out that it was Sena and Maria.

Rika: " I guess everyone's idea on what to do got jumbled together, so everything's all weird. "

Kodaka: " But there's no way I can play a little sister... Why don't we do a re-vote-- Huh? "

Yukimura: " Uu. Guh.. Uu " (nervous on being the lead role)

Kodaka: " Um... Yukimura? Give that main character everything you've got... "

Yukimura: " Thank you! I will! "

Kodaka: " Heheh. So... what about my role?

Yozora: " I'll change Mari into a little brother. There shouldn't be any conflicts in the story. What you got a problem? " (referring to Sena)

Sena: " No, um... Sorry. "

Yozora: " Huh? "

Sena: " We're causing you a lot of trouble... "

Yozora: " You're creeping me out... Did you catch some disease or something? "

Sena: " Shut up! Th-The script was good as it was, so... "

Yozora: " Uu. H-Hmph! Ch-Changing a little sister to a little brother isn't too much work. "

Sena: " R-Really? Th-Then forget I said anything. "

The next day, with Yozora's finished revising the script, it brought much confusion among the members. Which include major alterations from the script's storyline, changes in character and their interactions with other. Most of the club members were displeased by Yozora's revised script, as it put some bias towards her and Kodaka's role, which she explained due to her past friendship with Kodaka.

Sena, frustrated by this, frankly said that their (Yozora and Kodaka) past friendship no longer matters. Yozora, upon hearing this, instantly got furious towards Sena.

Yozora: " It doesn't matter?! "

Sena: " Yeah. You and Kodaka were friends? That doesn't matter now. Your job right now is to fix the script. "

Yozora: " You... How do you think I felt-- "

Sena: " I'm saying it doesn't matter anymore. Quit lugging around in the past and do what you need to do. "

Yozora: " *gasp* "

Kodaka: " Yozora... "

Yozora: " *crying* If only... If only you never existed... By now... SENA KASHIWAZAKI, YOU IDIOT!!! "

With that said, Yozora came bursting into tears and left the club-room. 

Sena: " "If only you never existed", huh? I hate that woman with all my soul, but I've never wished that she'd never existed. "

Not long after, Kodaka stumbled upon Yozora when passing the hallway. Yozora said she left her bag in the clubroom and wanted to retrieve it.

Yozora: " Kodaka, which do you want? Should Hirotaka be friends with Kuuya? Or Kotarou? "

Kodaka: " As long as the story's interesting, I don't care. "

Yozora: " I want to be childhood friends with you... "

Kodaka: " Sorry, what was that? "

Yozora: " Kodaka, ten years ago or now? Which is more important to you? "

Kodaka: " I couldn't choose between them! "

Yozora: " You never give a straight answer, do you? "

Kodaka: " Then what about you? Ten years ago or now? Which is more important to you? "

Yozora: " Ten years ago, obviously. "

Kodaka: " So now isn't important to you? "

Yozora: " Now I can't choose. "

Kodaka: " Right? "

Yozora: " Yeah. "

The next day, with a few alterations of the script, the members then took favor on Yozora's third draft of the script, and hence, they began filming their movie.

Episode Ends...

Light Novel DifferencesEdit

  • In the light novel, Kobato also thanked her fellow club members for throwing her a birthday party. This never happened in the anime.
  • In the light novel, during the club's discussion, they mentioned all sorts of cafes which include the maid cafe (again), an animal cafe, a Sengoku Era generals cafe, a friend cafe, etc. They also mention a haunted house before going with the movie as their choice for the school's cultural festival. These weren't mentioned in the anime.
  • In the light novel, after "comedy show" was erased in the club's proposals for the festival, Kodaka tried to tell a joke entitled "The Red Refrigerator Man" to the others. This wasn't present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Kodaka volunteered on also making the script for their movie, causing the others to retort. This wasn't present in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Yozora hit Sena with her flyswatter after she remarked that what Yozora did on their relay novel in the past was total garbage. This didn't happen in the anime.
  • In the light novel, Yozora's suggestion for their movie was shown. In the anime, it wasn't.