On The Train
Chapter Information
Release Date April 25, 2011
Chapter 8
Volume Light Novel Volume 6
Chapter Guide
It's A Date No Matter How You Look At It. Seriously, etc.

On The Train is chapter 67 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter eight of volume six.


Arriving at the train station, Kodaka found the girls by the waiting room, seemingly annoyed and upset as they ignored Kodaka as they passed by him, leaving him to follow them on the train to Nagaya City. Inside the train, Yozora questioned Kodaka on why Sena and the others are with them. Kodaka explained that since they're all going to buy Kobato's gift, they might as well go together. Though Sena agreed on his point, she added that it felt unfitting and how Kodaka nonchalantly reacts about it. Rika, depressed, claimed that she was aware on what will happen and added that resignation is key whether the girls wanted to be with Kodaka as Yukimura apologized to Kodaka for thinking that she forgotten her place in the world and for dreaming of things beyond her status. Rika then coldly asked herself if Kodaka's denseness is real or is it just how Kodaka planned it all along. When Kodaka came to check at Rika, Rika reasoned him that she was only thinking how an interesting person Kodaka is, which left Kodaka wondering.

Afterwards, Kodaka pointed out to Rika the weirdness on how she still wore her lab coat which the others also share the same view as Kodaka remarked on the effort Rika had done to her hair. Kodaka then commented on how cute Rika's looks are and added that cute clothes would also be fitting to her which left Rika blushing while Kodaka, puzzled, was unaware that he actually said it aloud. After stating that she killed her science type character, Rika asked Sena for advice about fashion. Reluctant on answering, Sena finally revealed that Stella does her wardrobe and make-up as Yozora insulted Sena for not going to a hair salon. Seeing Sena hopeless, Rika then turned to Yozora and asked her where she buys her clothes. Yozora answered that she purchases her clothes that models wore online and Rika complimented Yozora for looking cute and sexy in her clothes. Surprised, Yozora turned to Kodaka; hearing only the same compliment, which left Yozora flustered as she claimed that the clothes she wore are found on the boyish section of magazines. Dismayed, Kodaka and Rika preached Yozora about the true fact behind boyish looks leaving Yozora more embarrassed until Kodaka outbursts in agreement when Rika pointed out that wearing hot pants is much sexier than swimsuits and some undergarments. By then, Yozora covered her bottom with both of her hands.

Arriving in Nagaya City moments later, Yozora told Kodaka to not follow her as she goes shopping as Rika and Yukimura tagged along with her. With him and Sena left, Kodaka asked Sena on shopping together and Sena happily agreed.

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