Our Wings (僕らの翼, Bokura no Tsubasa) is the ending theme song of season 2 of the Haganai anime. Likewise, with the season's opening theme song, it was performed by Marina Inoue, Kanae Itō, Nozomi Yamamoto, Misato Fukuen, Kana Hanazawa, and Yuka Iguchi. The song is written by Yomi Hirasaka and Emi Inaba. It is composed by Yamazo.


Rōmaji (anime version)Edit

Hikatta hazu no ano hoshi

Mayotta kumo ga jama shite mienaku naru

Nani wo shinjitara ii

Fuantei sugiru sekai de

Sodatta takaramono kowashikaketeta

Nakusu no ga kowakute

Fujouri datte tameiki tsuki

Torikago de agaiteta hibi

Onaji sora wo miagetetan da 

Bokura wa

Kimi no te wo nigitta toki

Nigirikaeshite kureta ne

Tsunagatta kono te wa

Donna hane yori tsuyoin da

Tsubasa nante nakutatte

Motto takaku toberu kara

Kitto ima nara daijoubo

Oozora kagayaku hoshi wo tsukamou


That star that used to always shine in the sky

The clouds covered it up so I couldn't see it, I got lost

What should I believe?

The world is just too fickle

I nearly broke the treasure that I found there

I was so scared of losing it

I know it's crazy, I heaved a sign

Those days we spent clawing at our cages

But we both looked up to see

The same sky

When I took and squeezed your hand,

You just squeezed my hand back

This pair of hands, held together

Can take us farther than if we had wings

You don't need to have wings

We can fly even higher than that

I'm sure that we'll be okay

Let's grab hold of that star shining in the sky

Videos Edit

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Ending 1 (1080p Creditless)01:32

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Ending 1 (1080p Creditless)

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Ending 2 (1080p Creditless)01:33

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Ending 2 (1080p Creditless)


By order of appearance:

Episode 12 version:


  • This song also shares the same list of performers with the season's 1 and 2 opening themes.
  • This song has two music video versions in the anime:
    Friend-making game

    The "Friend-making game"

    • The first version only comprises of the characters Sena, Yozora and Kodaka.
      • In one of the scenes briefly shows the "Friend-making game", one of the many failed activities tackled by the Neighbor's Club. This wasn't present in the anime adaptation.
    • The second version, which was shown during the ending credits of episode 12 comprises more character appearances and flashbacks.

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