Reunion: Part II
Chapter Information
Release Date July 25, 2010
Chapter 1
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
Chapter Guide
Epilogue: Reunion
The Neighbors Club's Reaction

Reunion: Part II is chapter 38 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter one of volume four.


Realizing that "Sora", his only best-friend since childhood, is Yozora, Kodaka's teacher called out to the latter, returning him to his senses and causing both Yozora and Kodaka to sit down. After their first homeroom class adjourned, Kodaka approached Yozora and asked her about what's happened to her hair. After implying that it's his fault for having most of her hair being cut off, Kodaka repeatedly apologized as their classmates began to misunderstand the topic of Yozora and Kodaka's conversation, implying it had something to do with rape. Surprised, Yozora dragged Kodaka all the way down a staircase and asked him about his thoughts on knowing that she is Sora and Kodaka answered; saying he's only surprised by the outcome. Unsatisfied by his answer, Kodaka complimented on Yozora's new haircut causing Yozora to blush. She then informed Kodaka that she visited a salon and flustered to him about her experience there and added that she herself was the one cutting her own hair for the past ten years. As the school bell rang, Yozora told Kodaka that they should be heading back to their classroom as Kodaka asked Yozora on what he should call her from now on. Yozora replied that he should just call her by her given name "Yozora" as he did before. Kodaka agreed as he thought that he, Taka, and Yozora, Sora, can no longer be best of friends.

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