Ryugu Land
Location somewhere in Tooya City
Light Novel Debut Swimming Pool
Anime Debut Episode 3

Ryugu Land (lit. "Sea God's Palace Land") is an elegant building with a dome roof and aside from the swimming pool, there's a boxing room and a supermarket. The entry fee is also rather cheap after the discounted student-price. Sena mentions that the pool facility is on the verge of bankruptcy and that hardly anyone goes there. Otohime and Princess Lunch are two of the food shops by the pool.


Sena mentions that the last time the Mayor visited the facility, he and her father discussed how many more years it could last due to its low income.


Kodaka Hasegawa and Sena Kashiwazaki decide to go here for swimming lessons since Sena can't swim. They meet up at Ryugu Land on a Sunday. They meet up and Kodaka begins giving Sena her lessons. Due to Sena being quick to learn, she learns how to swim quite quickly. Later, Kodaka and Sena sit down for lunch and discuss the status of the pool.


  • There is another food shop seen at the pool facility though only part of its name can be seen. That being, amatebako.

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