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Sena Kashiwazaki


柏崎 星奈
Kashiwazaki Sena
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Date of Birth May 11
Blood Type B
Job High School Student
Class 2-3
Aliases Meat (By Yozora)
School St. Chronica's Academy
Seiyū Kanae Ito (Japanese)

Jad Saxton (English)

Novel Debut Chapter 2
Manga Debut Chapter 2
Anime Debut Episode 1

Character OverviewEdit

Childhood friends
Sena and Kodaka's early childhood
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Sena Kashiwazaki (柏崎 星奈 Kashiwazaki Sena) is the female tritagonist of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. She is the third member of the neighbors' club and the daughter of Pegasus Kashiwazaki, headmaster of St. Chronica Academy. Her wealth, beauty and outstanding academic and athletic performance has made her popular among male students, and likewise has made her an outcast among girls. Despite being constantly surrounded by boys (who, according to her, are "doormats"), all she wants are true friends, which drives her to join the Neighbors' Club.

Sena believes she doesn't have any female friends because she is envied by other girls due to her good looks and popularity with the opposite sex.


Sena in casual clothing
Sena herself stated that she inherited most of her looks from her mother. Sena has a pair of light-blue eyes and long, light-blond hair. Sena has a very buxom body (Yozora insults Sena because of this, nicknaming her "Meat") and tends to flaunt herself. Sena almost always wears her butterfly hair clip on her head and is usually depicted in her school uniform. When in public, Sena would wear flashy clothes that would fit her well. In the 6th volume, it is revealed that her butler Stella buys her clothes, picks out her outfits, and even does her hair and make-up every day.


On the outside, Sena appears to be an ordinary high school girl but in truth, Sena is arrogant and prideful by nature and is well aware of this, even once stating that she should do that since she's that good. Sena considers herself like some sort of queen or goddess to the school and would often treat her fellow male students as servants, or "doormats" as Sena herself have said (not that they mind). Because of her personality and her beauty, she has no female friends.

Sena also believed that there are two types of girls, the ones who would be her friends and the others that are not worthy of her. Sena also does not treat the boys in her class with much respect due to them constantly oogling at her and doing whatever she told them to, as such, Sena merely sees them as her servants.

However, whenever Sena's ego is shattered by someone else (mostly Yozora), she bursts into tears and flings childish insults before running away. Sena was also shocked to see that Kodaka does not act like the boys in her class (wanting to be stepped on) and hence, views Kodaka in a different light. She first saw him in this different light when he rescued her from some guys at the public pool. From then, her feelings have increased to the point where she nonchalantly admits that she wouldn't mind marrying him and that she was in love with him.

Perfectionist by default, for example, Sena always tries her best at her video games even if it deprives her of her sleep. Sena is so hooked up to them that she becomes very angry if her games are insulted in any way.

Sena is very gullible, as she would often fail to see through cheap tricks fed to her by Rika and Yozora, even when the resulting humiliation is witnessed herself (an example being the "heap" hairstyle), and would only realize and get angry when her father or other people scolds her about it.

It is also noted by Kodaka that she becomes extremely engrossed in things she is interested in, sometimes to a criminal level (as seen with her grudge against Yozora) completely ignoring things she is not interested in, as well as possessing both the confidence and the means to pursue whatever she may desire, calling her "a real live princess."

Despite her princess-like arrogance, it's been shown that Sena genuinely cares for the members of the club. For example, Sena offered to purchase a theme park ticket for Maria so that she would not be left out of the group, which showed a degree of care unexpected from an arrogant princess who thinks nothing of others. Later, while she exacted her revenge on Yozora for plagiarizing, Sena made a point not to go too far and offered Yozora a chance to redeem herself.

Sena also has an overly creepy obsession over Kodaka's younger sister Kobato, to the point of asking to take a bath with her and would go to extreme lengths to make her happy, which terrifies the latter.



Sena is highly intelligent, being able to grasp every single lesson in great detail and hence, she always gets perfect scores for every single test becoming the valedictorian of her year. Sena is even able to remember things from the past easily (shown when she recalls the first time Yozora calls her by her own name) without much trouble. However, due to her pride, Sena would sometimes even claim to be very knowledgeable in areas she doesn't know (or know a little) and this often backfires on her.

However, Sena is also very naive and often falls for Yozora's tricks and lies (although seen through easily by Kodaka and Rika).

Physical AbilitiesEdit

It should be also noted that she shows great results not only in academic subjects but also in athletic ones. Sena is a fast learner, despite being unable to swim when the story starts, she is able to easily swim after a few lessons from Kodaka and even being almost as good as him on her first try.

Domestic AbilitiesEdit

Sena is very bad at domestic work, being even unable to do her hair and make-up since her family steward, Stella does all of this for her.


  • Sena's surname, Kashiwazaki (柏崎) means "Oak" and "Small peninsula". Together, her surname means " Oak trees in a small peninsula ".
  • Sena's given name (星奈) means "Starlet".
  • Much of the series' humor stems from Yozora breaking her high-class aura as hard as possible until she breaks down crying.
  • According to Kodaka, Sena is the weirdest person among all of the members in the Neighbors' club.
  • Sena probably has an unconscious fetish for Yozora, which is disclosed when Kodaka finds the ceiling of her bedroom filled with photographs of her (to plan a revenge), but probably is just attraction for her. This is reinforced in "Shobon!" spinoff manga, in which Sena tries to kiss Yozora and is very interested in her love life and relationships with other guys.
  • It has been hinted that Sena's feelings for Kodaka began when the latter saved her from some men at the pool. This was proven to be true, as stated by Rika.
  • Throughout the anime, Sena is not depicted wearing panties in either her school uniform, nor any of her casual outfits.
  • Sena is the second tallest member (164 cm) of the Neighbor's Club.[1]
  • In the live-action film adaptation, Sena is portrayed by actress and gravure model, Mio Otani.


  • "That Idiot, Yozora!!" (her usual teasing towards Yozora)
  • " I said this before, but the promise our dads made, or the fact that we met when we were little doesn't matter. But, it's only the promise itself that doesn't matter. When we talked about it before it was like we just canceled the whole marriage thing entirely, but promise aside, I really do feel like I want to marry you. I mean, after all, I love you, Kodaka. " (Sena unwittingly confessing her love to Kodaka, in Volume 8)


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