Service Time (Naked Kashiwazaki Scene Included)
Chapter Information
Release Date July 25, 2010
Chapter 5
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
Chapter Guide
The Tower
The Homoge Club

Service Time (Naked Kashiwazaki Scene Included) is chapter 42 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter five of volume four.


After dismissal, Kodaka headed to the school library to study for their finals. As he was studying, he received numerous texts from Sena telling him to come to the clubroom, seeing as Yukimura was the only one there with her, but was then told not to, as Sena texted him that Kobato had arrived there afterwards.

That night, Kodaka continued to study as she received another text from Sena; inviting him to come to her mansion to study together and Kodaka agreed. The next day, arriving at the Kashiwazaki estate, Kodaka was immediately welcomed by Sena's father, Tenma Kashiwazaki, before he and Sena proceeded into the latter's bedroom to study. Arriving there, Kodaka saw voyeur shots and a blond wig owned by Yozora. Sena stated that Yozora's pictures and wig reminded her of Yozora's abuse towards her and used it to revitalize her vengeance to her, much to Kodaka's dismay.

As they study, Stella came and offered both Sena and Kodaka beverages and gave the latter a condom before taking her leave, much to Kodaka's surprise. After studying, Sena and Kodaka decided to play a video game leading to Kodaka's loss in the end. Afterwards, Stella came again and informed both Kodaka and Sena that their meal is ready.

After dinner, Tenma told Kodaka to stay for the night and Kodaka agreed. As Kodaka took his bath, Tenma arrived in the bathroom and offered to wash Kodaka's back, much to Kodaka's chagrin. As he washed his back, Tenma asked Kodaka if her daughter, Sena, was being bullied at school and Kodaka answered by saying she's not in the least. Tenma then informed Kodaka about the time he saw Sena wearing the "Tower" hairstyle which caused him to firmly rebuke her daughter and added that her daughter's hubris is what conceals the fact that she is being bullied. Tenma then claimed that he wasn't able to enter Sena's room since the latter was in middle school, but stated that it was normal for her age. As Kodaka intended to tell Tenma that her daughter is a freak stalker, Kodaka instead reassured Tenma telling her that her daughter is not being bullied, but after seeing the Chairman's sullen expression, Kodaka stated that he will protect his daughter if she were being bullied and Tenma entrusted his daughter to Kodaka as a result.

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