Chapter Information
Release Date July 25, 2010
Chapter 7
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
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The Homoge Club
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Sister (姉妹?, Semaii?) is chapter 44 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter seven of volume four.


After dismissal, three days before their finals, Kodaka stumbled upon a sister, Kate Takayama. After preaching to him about Jesus Christ and Christianity, Maria came lunging to Kodaka and revealed to him that she is Kate's younger sister. As Kate brutally teased Maria into calling her "Onee-sama" (a more formal and respectful way of addressing an older sister) Kate later recognized Kodaka as the famed "Onii-chan" (Lit. Big Brother) which Maria is always telling her about. After Maria left a mocking pose to her sister and left, Kate thanked Kodaka as well as the rest of the Neighbor's Club for taking care of her little sister - whom they view as an arrogant child prodigy and can only act like her ten-year old self within the Neighbor's Club. Kate also remarked that she is also grateful towards the club's founder and president, Yozora Mikazuki, for dragging Maria out of her comfort zone but iterated that some of their club's actions took to far. As Kodaka apologized, Kate began to address Kodaka as "Onii-chan" and revealed her true age to be fifteen years old, much to Kodaka's shock. Kate then farted as she left and laughed about it, much to Kodaka's dismay.

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