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St. Chronica's Academy

Saint Chronica

Kanji Name 聖クロニカ学園(せいクロニカがくえん)
Romaji Name Hijiri kuronika gakuen (Sei kuronika ga kuen)
Status Active
Location Tooya City
Principal Tenma Kashiwazaki
Light Novel Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

St. Chronicaś Academy is a missionary school that the characters of the Neighbor's Club attend.


The school is a rather large campus with a highschool and middle school division in addition to a place for the sisters/nuns to live as well. The school have places such as :

  • The chapel. A place where it acts as a church and where the Neighbors' Club is held as well.
  • A swimming pool. Which is a recent addition.
  • A library, where Kodaka would sometimes go to study for exams.
  • The Science room or the Rika Room. A special place for Rika Shiguma to stay and do her research alone.
  • The Board Game Clubroom is a club room.
  • The Infirmary which is basically the nurses office.



  • Main building
  • School chapel

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