Stella Redfield


Reddofīrudo Sutera
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 22
Job Steward
Novel Debut Volume 3:Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 6

Character OverviewEdit

Stella Redfield (ステラ・レッドフィールド, Reddofīrudo Sutera) is a supporting character of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series. She is a steward of the Kashiwazaki residence, though she is primarily seen fulfilling the duties attributed to a butler. Her family served the Kashiwazaki household for generations.


She is a fairly young woman (as Kodaka said "in her late 20's at the oldest"). She is slender, a bit short and has neck length blond hair. Her eyes are a transparent blue ("just as Sena's") color. She usually wears a standard-looking female butler uniform. She has a habit of showing an expressionless face (much like Yukimura's).

Stella butler outfit

Stella's butler outfit


Stella seems to love teasing people (making many straight-faced jokes), especially Kodaka (telling him that he is perverted whilst knowing that he is not, and giving him a condom while he was studying with Sena in her room). But other than this she is quite a responsible and competitive worker, showing great knowledge of her masters' personalities and habits. Whilst also having a habit of speaking in a monotonous voice. She is also known to sleep fully nude, which she has openly stated to Kodaka such as the time when he and his sister spent the night in the Kashiwazaki estate.


Stella is a butler and steward and as such has all the associated qualifications and abilities one would associate with someone of these roles. Descending from a family of butlers, she was naturally raised as one, and has all the requisite skills and knowledge to run and keep the entire mansion in order without assistance. Whilst she also seems to have a reasonable sense of style and knows what attire would best compliment an individual.


  • Revealed only in the novel, Stella is actually Sena's half-sister; both shared the same father yet likewise came from different mothers (in Stella's case, Noel Redfield).
  • Though written as ステラ, Stella's Japanese name is Suteru 寿照蘭.

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