Summer Homework
Chapter Information
Release Date July 25, 2010
Chapter 3
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
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The Neighbors Club's Reaction
The Tower

Summer Homework is chapter 40 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter three of volume four.


After the club, Kodaka returned home, realizing Kobato's already inside. Without giving much attention, Kodaka made dinner, and when finished, called out to Kobato. With no response, Kodaka entered Kobato's bedroom, and found her at her desk and instantly twitched as her brother called out to her, while hiding something from him. When Kobato got down her chair and approached her brother, Kodaka did a quick 180 and found a textbook and a notebook on her desk. Realizing she was studying, Kodaka patted his little sister's head and ate dinner afterwards.

That night, before going to sleep, Kobato coyly asked her big brother to help her with her homework, and Kodaka happily agreed.

The next day, at the clubroom, Kodaka asked his fellow club-mates to help him answer Kobato's summer homework, which are crucial when it comes to an average student's grades, and the rest of the Neighbor's Club agreed, which Yozora would imply as to save Kobato from being humiliated if they don't.

At the time they were answering Kobato's homework, Kodaka told his little sister to redo her summer diary, Kodaka scolds both Rika and Yozora for their absurd answers, and tells Yukimura to put more focus into both Japanese and World History. While Kodaka was scolding his fellow club-mates, he would usually be scolded at by both Maria and Sena for his disturbance.

In the end, the whole Neighbor's Club was able to finish most of Kobato's homework (aside from the reading reflection, who Yozora was supposed to be responsible with, but was scolded by Kodaka for writing a mediocre review as an answer). In going home, Kobato thanked his big brother, whilst giving of a pure, and honest smile. Kodaka then remarked that he's still too soft as a brother after seeing her little sister's smile.

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