Pegasus Kashiwazaki


柏崎 天馬
Kashiwazaki Pegasus
Character Information
Gender Male
Age 40's
Job Chairman of St. Chronica Academy
  • Pegasus
  • Zaki (by Hayato)
Japanese Voice Ryōtarō Okiayu
English Voice Brandon Potter
Novel Debut Volume 3: Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 6


Sena KashiwazakiEdit

Pegasus loves his daughter dearly and holds high standards for her. It seems that her prideful attitude towards others originates from Pegasus's upbringing. He scolds Sena when her behavior and appearance doesn't seem to meet his expectations (though it is usually Yozora's fault). Generally he is conscious (when Sena, at the start of high school, asked her father not to enter her room anymore, he followed this plea without any complaints) and protective father (saying he won't let anyone hurt or bully Sena and more importantly arranging her engagement with Kodaka who in the eyes of Pegasus looks like a trustworthy and dignified groom for his daughter).

Although Sena is in high-school, Pegasus would still punish her in child-like manners such as spanking.

Hayato HasegawaEdit

He and Hayato have been best friends since school, but due to the latter's passion for his work of an archaeologist, Hayato rarely interacts with Pegasus, which leaves Pegasus quite offended. He has a habit of badmouthing Hayato, but this seems to stem from the latter's inattentiveness. However, he always remains nostalgic of the days he spent with his friend which he often tells Kodaka about, showing that Pegasus still considers Hayato his best friend.

Airi HasegawaEdit

Pegasus was a good friend of Hayato's wife, Airi, and in fact the one who introduced Airi (student of St.Chronica at that time) to Hayato. She was also a "drinking buddy" of Pegasus as she, as her husband and son, could tolerate big amounts of alcohol.

Kodaka HasegawaEdit

He seems to seek replacement of Hayato in his son and deeply trusts Kodaka, even willing to give his daughter as a bride (after misunderstanding Sena's words). He was also quite disappointed when Kodaka said he and Sena were not dating.

Kate TakayamaEdit

Pegasus and Kate are fishing buddies and friends, with whom he doesn't mind to share secrets.

Stella RedfieldEdit

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