The Neighbors Club's Reaction
Chapter Information
Release Date July 25, 2010
Chapter 2
Volume Light Novel Volume 4
Chapter Guide
Reunion: Part II
Summer Homework

The Neighbors Club's Reaction is chapter 39 of the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Light Novel series. It is chapter two of volume four.


Heading to the clubroom after homeroom dismissal, Yozora apprised Kodaka that she was aware that he was "Taka" from the day he first transferred into their class, and she was pestered as she was the only one who noticed. Apologetic, Kodaka remarked that he always thought Yozora to be a male, but Yozora stated that she never once mentioned that she was one and added that she was supposed to tell him on the day they promised to tell each other something important, but wasn't able to muster up the courage to show herself to Kodaka as she was embarrassed about wearing a skirt and claimed that it was Kodaka's fault from the start causing the latter to yell back at retort at Yozora by reflex. Yozora then informed Kodaka on not telling the other members of the Neighbor's Club about their past friendship before dragging the latter to the clubroom.

Arriving in the clubroom, Rika got excited as she mistook Yozora to be a "pretty boy" before passing out as Yukimura thought of "himself" as useless to Kodaka as "he" mistook Yozora as "his" replacement, causing Kodaka to retort back at Yukimura's claim. Before revealing to the others her identity, Sena immediately recognized Yozora in her new haircut and asked the reason behind it and Yozora neglected to answer her questions. Sena then teased Yozora as she thought that she was rejected by a male causing Yozora to hit Sena with her flyswatter and stated that she is now aware of Sena's reaction if Yozora had a broken heart. Afterwards, Sena continued to press Yozora for an answer for her previous question as Yozora still denied on answering. 

Suddenly, Rika left the clubroom and brought back with her a long white coat only worn by the Student Council President of Galford Academy and asked Yozora to wear it. Doubtful, Yozora reluctantly agreed and donned the long coat. Kodaka and the others were then captivated by Yozora's androgynous appearance as she wore the long coat and Rika asked Yozora and Kodaka in doing a little play between a student council president (Yozora) confronting a delinquent (Kodaka). After Rika passed out in seeing Yozora and Kodaka in their play, Maria immediately entered the clubroom and was frightened as she laid her eyes on Yozora, mistaking her as a "pretty boy", and claimed that Yozora will devour her due to being cute. After being harassed by Yozora, Maria violently left the clubroom as Sena remarked that Yozora is still the same even with her new haircut.

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