Character Information
Gender Female (according to Yozora)
Job Imaginary Construct
  • Air Friend
  • Tomo-chan
Family Yozora (Creator)

Character OverviewEdit

Tomo (???, Tomo) is Yozora Mikazuki's imaginary "air friend" in the Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai series.


Yozora describes Tomo as being cute, smart, athletic, friendly, sociable, a good listener and also adds that Tomo would never betray her. During Neighbor's Club karaoke planning, Yozora also noted that Tomo is a good singer.

Plot OverviewEdit

Tomo is first heard of in Episode 1 when Kodaka Hasegawa had to go back to class for his gym uniform. She is in the classroom having a conversation with Yozora. Tomo is present in the room while Kodaka and Yozora have a discussion. Tomo later "appears" again when Sena Kashiwazaki was requesting to join the Neighbor's Club. Kodaka asks Yozora why she locked Sena out and states that she's female, the ideal friend for Yozora. Yozora states she already has a best girlfriend and asks Tomo for confirmation.


  • Although considered to be only an imaginary friend by members of the Neighbor's Club (especially Kodaka), Yozora thinks of her as her only best friend (calling her "Tomo-chan" and even stating to Kodaka that "she" is indeed real but would later admit that "she" is not). Yozora would "talk" or "share" her concerns to Tomo, but as the series progresses, Yozora would no longer have conversations with the latter. This proves that Yozora has indeed started to become comfortable with her club members but still she would share stories about Tomo to her club-mates.


  • Tomo, when translated, can mean friend, companion, comrade or pal. These are obvious nods at her relationship and role for Yozora.

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