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You Are My Friend  (君は友達, Kimi wa Tomodachi) is the ending theme song for the original video animation (OVA) episode of the Haganai anime, released on September 26, 2012. It was performed by Marina Inoue, Kanae Itō, Nozomi Yamamoto, Misato Fukuen, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi and Ryōhei Kimura.


Rōmaji (anime version)Edit

Kidzukeba kimi wa kimi wa soba ni ita ne

Itsumo itsumo donna toki mo

Kimi no koto wo nante yobeba ii darou

Hito wa hitori ja ikirarenain da minna

Ano noraneko no you ni sabashigariya

Hitorikiri de yorokobi wa

Sodaterarenai yo

Kimi ga ita kara ookiku nattan da

Itsudemo kimi to kimi to issho ni ita ne

Zutto zutto issho ni ita ne

Tanoshii koto ga

Motto tanoshikatta

Miaou miau wa mukaishiau yori mo

Omoiau hou ga ii ne

Kimi wa tomodachi 

Kitto kore kara mo


Before I knew it, you were there, you were there, by my side

Always, always, through all the times we had

I wonder what I should call you

People can't live by themselves, that goes for everyone, you know

Like that stray cat, we need to be with someone

When you're alone you just can't

Be happy like everyone else

I was able to grow up because you were there

Because you were there, you were there, together with me

Always, always, together with me

All the fun things we did

Were even more fun

Look at me, look at you, instead of looking at each other

It's better to think of each other

You're my friend

For now and forever

Video Edit

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 13 Ending (1080p Creditless)01:28

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 13 Ending (1080p Creditless)


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  • This is the first, and so far the only, song in which Ryōhei Kimura, the voice of Kodaka Hasegawa, has been a performer of any opening of ending theme song for the anime adaptation.

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